Custom Wetsuits Offer The Best Performance

As the old saying goes …” there is nothing like the look and feel of a well tailored suit”. .. Well this statement is still valid and it applies especially for wetsuits.

That is right, lets face it folks, we are not all built the same way and in the same proportions.  The performance of  your wetsuit is key factor in the  enjoyment of your dive experiences.

When it comes to wetsuit performance the proper fit is what makes or breaks its level of  performance.  Unlike most garments that you wear above the surface, a wetsuit’s performance depends greatly on precise measurements for the correct fit.  Small ranges in sizes could severely impact the performance of a wetsuit.

Custom Wetsuit by Wetsuit WearhouseIf your wetsuit is too big water will cycle through making you feel chilly. If it is too small you limit your range of motion and run the risk of a split seam/s.

So as you see, just picking up a wetsuit in standard sizes off-the-rack usually does not result in selecting the best performing wetsuit.

Fortunately there are options.  You can now purchase custom wetsuits  tailored for the fit that you need for optimal performance.  Westsuit Wearhouse offers custom wetsuits for all shapes and sizes at prices that won’t break the bank.  In addition, they can be customized to add your club/team or company logo for a nominal extra charge.

Dress for performance on your next dive with a custom wetsuit made by Wetsuit Wearhouse, where everything is customizeable.

Click here for more details and to order yours now.

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