17 Aquariums Offer Great Scuba Diving Experiences In The US

Have you ever considered adding aquariums to your scuba diving bucket list?

During these times of restricted travel and therefor opportunities to dive, we need diving options. Perhaps now is the best time to give scuba diving aquariums a try. They are spread out across the US, relatively easy to get to and welcome scuba divers.

Aquariums offer great diving experiences as well as opportunities to dive locally. They offer the opportunity continue diving, or even become more comfortable with diving, in unlimited visibility with no currents or waves. .

There are many aquariums that welcome scuba divers and snorkelers into their tanks. They typically offer orientation training related to the specific the marine life of the tank. Imagine diving with a bit of foreknowledge of exactly what you will see and perhaps where to look for it.

In addition, the aquarium experience gives you a chance to get a glimpse of the “behind the scenes” operations at these facilities.

In the following video clip Jonathan Bird takes us long on his visit and dive of the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta – the largest aquarium in the world.

Watch this video clip below to get a behind the scenes look at what it takes to maintain and dive the exhibit.

“Georgia Aquarium (HD) | JONATHAN BIRD’S BLUE WORLD” YouTube Video by BlueWorldTV

List of US Aquariums that offer Scuba Diving:

The following list of aquariums offering scuba diving was put together by deepwaterhappy.com in Dec of 2019.

H/T – Aquariums For Scuba Divers – by DeepWaterhappy.com

The following is a chart of Instant Quickie Facts for divers about diving aquariums across the US created by DeepWaterHappy.com

H/T – DeepWaterHappy.com

The Experience of Scuba Diving Aquariums

Diving aquariums are relatively convenient. The only equipment you are allowed to being is your Dive mask, reef safe sunblock and perhaps your dive computer. naturally all objects entering the tank must be sanitized.

Most aquarium dives are about 20 feet deep

So, basically bring your towel in addition to your mask and sunblock and you are all set.

Read for more details about scuba diving aquariums and get all of the details to get your favorite aquarium on your scuba diving bucket list here on DeepWaterHappy.com

Images Source: DeepWaterHappy.com & YouTube Clips

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