How To Correctly Wash Your Wet-suit To Make It Last [Video]

With proper care your wet-suit can last you for years.

After each use your wet-suit should be washed to remove the sand, grass and dirty stuff. The proper care of you wet-suit is relatively easy with the following steps as illustrated in the video referenced below. How To Wash Wet-suit

It is easiest to wash your wet-suit in the shower. Wash it thoroughly in warm or cold water. Make sure to rinse it well making sure the water flows through the entire suit, particularly the limbs. The wet-suit should also be washed inside out.

After washing, hang the wet-suit inside out in a dry area. After it is dry turn it back to the correct way and store it in a cool dry place.

It is also recommended to soak your wetsuit periodically in a cleansing and conditioning solution such as CAT5 Wetsuit shampoo and Conditioner to prevent the buildup of organic residues, odor-causing bacteria and damaging impurities.

The Rinse Hanger for wetsuits makes washing your wetsuit a lot easier.

See  below  for a video demonstration of how it is done.

Watch the following video clip.  It demonstrates the proper way to wash your wet-suit.

Images Source: YouTube clips

How do you clean and maintain your wet-suit?

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