A DIY Underwater Air Bubble Room [Video]

Watch how this underwater room is constructed in the following video.


Q. Isn’t this dangerous?
A. Yes!
The biggest danger is something called Pulmonary Barotrauma. That basically means over-expanded lungs. If you take a breath in the room the air you breathe in is compressed (because of the weight of the water above you). If you hold that breath and swim to the surface the air will expand in your lungs and can cause catastrophic damage or death. ALWAYS breathe OUT when ascending. ALWAYS.

Even though the Bubble Room is a DIY project it has taken years of improvements and some pretty heavy brainstorming sessions with some very bright and qualified people, to get it to where it is today. Not only is it dangerous if you aren’t acutely aware of the laundry list of risks involved, but the build in general is very heavy duty and well thought out. For example a bubble that size has a lifting force of approx 5,600 pounds! it’s one thing when you underestimate a project and it goes wrong in your garage and nobody’s lives are involved, it’s completely another when the project puts your friend’s and family’s lives at stake 15 feet underwater. I know it’s awesome and I don’t blame anybody for wanting one of their very own, but please don’t go out and kill yourself attempting to replicate a project with such huge forces and such high risk. If you feel the need for your own Bubble Room bad enough (why wouldn’t you?) my brother and I can be commissioned to install a patented private model complete with fresh air pump, backup generator, detachable stainless steel ring, and a heavy duty, crystal-clear, collapsible, vinyl dome. One can be installed during the new construction or retrofitted into almost any private (in-ground) pool.

Read the full commentary here on youtube.com

Images source: Youtube.com

Interestingly enough we recently did a post where  National Geographic Explorer is patenting a very similar underwater tent for scuba divers. Click here to a more professional representation of a very similar underwater habitat for scuba divers.

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