Scuba Diving Insurance For Divers [video]

Diving is a relatively safe sport when practiced correctly, but scuba diving insurance provides peace of mind and top-side protection from the unforeseen.

Being a fully prepared diver involves more than just the technicalities of the sport. It also involves knowing how to remain focused and the use of proven techniques to  handle unlikely events that may occur during the dive.  However, little is talked about as it relates to scuba diving insurance and how it helps you top-side in the event that a situation gets out of control on a diving trip.

Here are some important points you should look into when comparing dive travel insurance plans:
Expertise in diving related emergencies and hyperbaric medical procedures.

  • Policy limits.
  • Primary Vs. secondary coverage. Primary coverage includes admission guarantees, fast claims process and much more.
  • Direct payment to treating facility vs. reimbursement.
  • Scope of coverage.
  • Deductibles.
  • Reasons for cancellation/interruption, and coverage limits.
  • Reasons for lost activity (diving) days.
  • Loss/replacement of diving gear.

Dedicated exclusively to diving insurance, and together with Duke Dive Medicine, the world’s leaders in diving medicine, DiveAssure provides the best coverage and services.  Additionally, your coverage can be tailored to your specific needs so you pay only for what you need.

Here is what Mark and Linda Hannifin of TX (Family Scuba Center, Inc) had to say about their coverage.

Just had to drop a note tell you how well the Diveassure medical assistance program works! 50 minutes after arriving in Belize, my wife severely broke her arm. I emailed DiveAssure from an Internet Cafe and explained I was a member, that I lost my card and the situation with my wife. DiveAssure called and said everything was covered. They arranged for a flight the next day. I have never really planned to use the services that you buy insurance for, but this was money extremely well spent. To coin a phrase: DiveAssure – don’t leave home without it!!
H/T DiveAssure

Diving Insurance

Diving Insurance

What Makes DiveAssure Your Best Choice?

  • DiveAssure members are eligible for the most comprehensive Diving Accident and Dive Travel insurance plans.
  • Coverage includes 24/7 medical hotlines and supervision of diving emergencies operated by specialists at Duke Dive Medicine at Duke University.
  • Specialized  exclusively in diving with expertise makes a difference.
  • Direct payment to service providers. You don’t have to leave a deposit or other guarantees.
  • Liveaboard trip insurance covers Trip cancellations as well as lost diving days

Charles Balon explains how DiveAssure came through for him.

I was wondering if you have a thank you page to post for perspective buyers. I was reimbursed on a trip that was majorly delayed, and after about a month or so, I got your check. I thought for sure, after all the hurricanes this year, it would be denied for whatever reason, or delayed, but you folks came through. I wanted everyone to know how great of a program you have here. You also paid expenses for another person on the same trip that bought your insurance. You guys blow DAN out of the water.
H/T DiveAssure

For more details click here to get a quote.

The DiveAssure Association was founded in 1999 with a goal of providing scuba divers with everything they might need in the area of diving insurance and medical assistance. We offer scuba divers a variety of superb Insurance and Assistance programs, on various levels, to cover all needs of both diving locally and when traveling overseas.

See next page Below for a short video clip that describes DiveAssures diving and travel insurance coverage in further detail.

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