Plant-Based Superfood – the source of all marine based nutrition

Have you ever been food shopping, picked up an item and glanced at its label only to pause slightly confused when you read the label on the package?  How rational is it that the peanut butter in your hand has to stress that it is made with real peanuts? Wouldn’t a rational person think it is made with real peanuts? What else could it be made of?  How rational is it that the fruit snack in your hand is made with real fruit? I now wonder what kind of consumers we have become.  Have we become desensitized to the labeling? I have certainly become more skeptical of labeling and now place a greater emphasis on supplementing my diet with the best natural supplements I can find as a way of balancing or should I say compensating for what may be missing because of these labeling tactics.

In fact, an article by points out that nearly 59% of us are frustrated and having a hard time with all of this.  I certainly am.  Anyway, I have been blogging for the last few years to our large following of scuba divers and Ocean enthusiasts. As a result, while researching for my next blog post, I came across some very informative and exciting information about the nutrients found in Marine Phytoplankton (EPA & DHA). So I dug a little deeper into the nutritional value and health benefits of Marine Phytoplangon and was blown away. Its kind of ironic that we have to go back to the Sea for the most life sustaining nutritional value.

Oceans Alive has found a way to bring you the maximal nutritional value of Phytoplangton that is completely free and clear of contaminants that would typically be found in naturally occurring phytoplangton found in the not so pristine oceans of the world. They actually grow a premium blend of two specifically cultivated, hand selected marine phytoplangton strains in a photobioreactor.

The nutrient density of these  microalgea provides you with a wide array of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids. The foundational components in good health. Read further for more details.

In Short:

Marine Phytoplangton is the most powerful natural substance on Earth:

  • Marine-phytoplankton feeds over 99%+ of all sea life!
  • So nutrient dense even the largest mammals like the blue whale thrive on it!
  • Keeps the plankton eating whale shark alive for over 150 years, which is sexually active until it dies!
  • Marine-phytoplankton creates the oxygen we breathe (*Over 90% of all oxygen on Earth, according to NASA — That’s 10-TIMES all rainforests on the planet!)
  • Created our habitable atmosphere through photosynthesis (We wouldn’t be alive today without!)
  • Makes up a quarter of all vegetation on the planet!
  • Absorbs over 10% of the suns energy on Earth! (*capturing and providing naturally-sun-infused Vitamin D)

And most importantly and impressively…

European scientists have discovered marine-phytoplankton to be an explosive source of macro-nutrition—Containing every single life-giving nutrient found in the plant, animal and human kingdoms!

Making it the most nutrient dense food & life source on the planet.

H/T Oceans Alive

Don’t overlook the natural multifaceted benefits offered directly from the Sea.  I found the following resource for you to check into it yourself.

Click here to for more information and a look at the impressive research and supporting testimonials about the benefits of Phytoplangton supplements.

I am sure you will be as impressed as I was.

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