Wreck Dive the Red Sea at Aqaba

Aqaba in Jordan offers amazing diving and with the recent addition of a Lockheed TriStar to its underwater attractions for divers, its a must do.

Aqaba, well known for its underwater marine military park, has recently installed a full Lockheed TriStar airliner as part of its underwater museum for divers and snorkelers to explore as well as a boost for marine life.

Scuba Diving Tourism has been on a steady increase in Aqaba and it is hoped that attractions such as these will increase tourist’s duration of stay.

The new dive site is located just off the shoreline and situated on a slope that puts the cockpit at depths accessible to all divers, with it’s back end dropping off to 28m.

The underwater museum has been opened for divers and snorkelers to explore military machines stationed along coral reefs imitating a tactical formation.
The formation consists of tanks, an ambulance, a military crane, a troop carrier, an anti-aircraft gun and two helicopters among others, according to the report

H/T – zinhuaet.com

The aircraft is huge and dwarfs the other previously submerged military vehicles that are said to be placed in a military tactical formation. This is an amazing dive site with much of the plane’s interior intact including the seats and cock-pit.

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Try to get to Aqaba and dive this site before the marine-life claim it for a once in a lifetime experience underwater.

“” – YouTube video by Denis A

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