Unknown & Unexpected Surprises Found Below Our Seas

Found Below Seas

With only 5% of our oceans having been explored, many surprises such as these await us.

Consider the vast amounts of unexplored underwater areas across our globe. With so much yet to be explored you can only imagine what remains to be found.

From newly discovered marine life to forgotten cities, ship wrecks and abandoned artifacts. I am not even mentioning the untold amount of treasures from shipwrecks alone that are known to lie unclaimed on our oceans floors. Who knows, maybe one day we will even find aliens living down there.. LOL

These discoveries, when taken together in aggregate are pretty impressive. Imagine what is yet to be found.

The following clip highlights what is called the 12 Most Incredible Underwater Discoveries.

“12 Most Incredible Underwater discoveries” – YouTube video by inforado

Many of these discoveries and sightings just seemed to happen by chance when divers venture off the “beaten path”, so to speak.

So as it goes. You never know what we will find if we were a bit more adventurous and try diving /finding new dive destinations.

How often do you try new and exotic dive sites?

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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