The Creation of The Second Largest Underwater Reef

The unsinkable ship demolition and blow down of the Hoyt S. Vandenberg to form the world’s second largest artificial reef.

The Hoyt S. Vandenberg served the US military for over four decades. Designed during world war II to be an unsinkable missile tracking ship is now destined to become an underwater classroom, reef, underwater destination for wreck divers and a research laboratory . She was selected from a scrap yard by Reef Makers to become the second largest artificial underwater reef in the world located in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary..

Changing Seas – South Florida PBS: “Sinking The Vandemberg” – H/T YouTube Clips

This vessel is 160M long with a steel bulkhead and designed to not sink with nine water tight compartments. Therefore, sinking this 15k ton ship is no easy task. The initial plans called for cutting over 500 holes above and below the water level to sink her upright. As fate would have it, it wasn’t exactly that simple to pull this project off.

Watch this amazing dive, shared by Jane Carper in the YouTube video below.

H/T Jane Carper – YouTube Video

For more information about the Vandenberg visit

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