Dive Trips To The Titanic Wreck Begin in May 2021

The Titanic sank about 105 years ago and to this point less  than 200 people have ever visited it. … Here is your chance.

Beginning in May 2021, 10 day missions lead by OceanGate Expeditions for 9 adventurers at a time from Newfoundland, Canada to a deep ocean discovery tour of the Titanic. The company is working to be the first to take tourists down to the Titanic site.

Six 10 day missions are planned from May to September aboard the Cyclypos-class submersible. The Cyclops submersible can accommodate 5 passengers and travel to a depth of 12,467 feet below the surface to the Titanic wreck.

These trips are research-based. Studies will be made of the rate of Titanic’s decay as well as the 300 types of animals residing in the Titanic.

The Titanic sank in 1912 and now lies at a depth of 12,800 feet below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean.

The following video highlights what the tour involves

“Titanic Survey Expedition” – YouTube video by OceanGate Expeditions

If you are not scared away by the price, $125k, this could be the diving excursion of a lifetime.

Six missions scheduled for Summer 2021 will mark the inaugural expedition of a multi-year effort to preserve Titanic history for future generations and document the rate of decay of the important site. Using an array of high-resolution 4K cameras, a laser scanner, and sonar equipment, OceanGate Expeditions team will create a fully explorable photorealistic virtual 3-D model of the site.

The series of 10-day missions will include untethered 8 to 10-hour 5-crewmember submersible dives that will transport citizen scientists and explorers to the renowned wreck-site. The Summer 2021 Expedition schedule runs late-May through mid-July.

Aspiring Mission Specialists interested in joining the Titanic Survey Expedition should contact OceanGate Expeditions for qualifications, availability, and additional details. The company is accepting applications for both the 2021 and 2022 expeditions.

H/T OceanGateExpeditions.com

Watch the following animated video of Cyclops 2 scanning the wreck of the Titanic.

Image Source: YouTube Clip

For further details visit OceanGateExpeditions.com

Images Source: YouTube Clips, OceanGateExpeditions/.com

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