Surprising Facts about Whale Poo – The Whale Pump

Whale Poo

Whales, often overlooked by most, especially when it comes to their poo. However, their role in our everyday life cannot be overlooked.

Whales are amazing animals, and they seem to love us. Unfortunately, whales don’t seem to get much love from us as indicated by the popularity of wale related posts on this blog. Therefore, I am sure that many of us haven’t seriously considered the importance of these magnificent animals.

Well, as it turns out whale poo is a key source of nutrients at the base of the word’s food chain and, therefore, in the continued production of the oxygen that we consume. This process is called the “whale pump”.

Watch the following BBC Earth video where Sally Snow, Executive Director at LAMAVE goes into further detail about the significance of whale poo.

Sally Snow, Exec. Director at LAMAVE explains the importance of Whales and their poop

Whale feces, the excrement of whales, has a significant role in the ecology of the oceans,[1] and whales have been referred to as “marine ecosystem engineers”. Nitrogen released by cetacean species and iron chelate are a significant benefit to the marine food chain in addition to sequestering carbon for long periods of time

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