Mother Whale Agitated and Warns Surfers With Her Tail

What is it about touching things that folks don’t understand.

A few surfers somehow managed to agitate an adult female southern right whale she and her calf were enjoying the surf. This happened near a popular Sydney beach after a free diver reached out in an attempt to touch the young calf.

As chance would have it, Dominique Taylor was able to capture incredible drone video of what happened.

A few things come to mind. First the No-touch rule and maintaining a safe distance. These mammals are huge and one would think that common sense would kick in at some point.

“Whale and Calr Splash Around Next To Surfers” – YouTube video by Caters Clips

I guess you can say they were lucky that the whale wasn’t having a bad day 🙂

A more recent version of the video indicates that two women were injured, one having to be flown to hospital with fractured ribs, the other with a torn hamstring

See this updated video below –

Humpback whale injures two swimmers while protecting its young

Humpback whale injures two swimmers while protecting its young

Posted by The Independent on Tuesday, August 4, 2020
Updated Facebook video by The Independent

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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