Following The Orange GOO For Whales? [Video]

This crew used a different technique for locating whales in the seas around Sri Lanka.

What they did was somewhat disgusting , but a rather novel approach to tracking the whereabouts of blue whales.  It is quite logical, but I never even considered that whale poo could be found floating in the water or even what it looked like for that matter.

Well this crew, the Deadly 60 crew,  did just that.  They pulled up a bucket of sea water with he stuff floating in and enthusiastically examined and described it.

They described it as orange goo .. fierce bitter smelly indigestible remains of krill that blue whales feed on. They saw this as evidence that a blue whale must have just surfaced in the area and that they are close to finding a pod of whales.

Watch the video clip below to see the crew’s enthusiasm.


Images Source: YouTube Clips

So it turns out that this orange goo (poop) actually makes breathing easier for us as described in the following video….

Images Source: Facebook Clips



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