Try Something Different – Scuba Dive Antarctica

If you haven’t considered polar diving, perhaps it is something you may enjoy.

First of all Antarctica  offers a unique beauty both above and below the surface that is hard to find almost anywhere else on earth.

Scuba Diving Antarctica is considered a form of extreme diving due to its remoteness and the climactic challenges found there.  However, the incredible ice diving and variety of wildlife found there makes it worth the trip, without a doubt.

Take a glimpse at the diving experience that Antarctica offers in the clip below.

“Diving the Icy Blue Waters of Antarctica for Blue Planet II: Hugh Miller”- YouTube Clip by OceanX

Antarctic dive sites vary from shallow ice diving to wall diving from a zodiac or beach. Not surprisingly, the weather in Antarctica is somewhat unpredictable and offers temperatures ranging from -5 to 8 degrees Celsius. Just have the proper gear and you should be set to go.



Diving in Antarctica

By Scuba Diver Life


The remote and remarkable continent of Antarctica is THE destination for incredible ice diving. Here’s what divers can expect when they venture into an expedition of its pristine polar waters.

  • Observe the Unique Surroundings

    By Scuba Diver Life

    Antarctica is home to various Antarctic fish, starfishes, jelly-fishes, sea-snails, crabs, sea-hedgehogs, sea butterflies, shrubby horse-tails, giant isopods and krill. You won’t see these everywhere!

  • Dive with the Wildlife

    By Scuba Diver Life

    Witness and swim with unique and vibrant marine animals, like leopard seals, fur seals, and penguins.

  • Dive Sites

    By Scuba Diver Life

    Sites vary from shallow ice diving to diving along a wall, from a beach, or from a zodiac. The maximum depth for a dive is approximately 60 feet.

  • Polar Temperatures

    By Scuba Diver Life

    Temperatures range between about -5 to 8°c. Due to a strong wind-chill factor, these low temperatures feel much, much colder.

  • Unpredictable Weather

    By Scuba Diver Life

    The weather in Antarctica is unpredictable. Katabatic winds, caused by the icecaps and glaciers, can suddenly pick up, proving to be a formidable and fierce opponent for polar divers.

  • Colourful Brilliance

    By Scuba Diver Life

    The combination of sunlight and ice formations result in an extraordinary, ever-changing spectre of colourful brilliance.

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