Tech Diving The Zenobia Wreck [video]


The Zenobia wreck is consistently ranked among the top 10 dive sites worldwide.

The Zenobia offers a wide range of diving challenges for scuba divers of all levels. It is located off of Cyprus.  You can dive a relatively simple dive of 52ft which is suitable for newly qualified dives or you could dive at a more advanced level and explore its lower car decks and engine rooms.

The Zenobia capsized and sank in Larnaca Bay due to a computer malfunction which caused excess seawater to be pumped into its ballast tanks. The Zenobia sank loaded with 104 trailers, trucks and lorries, fully loaded with cargo such as food, cigarettes, eggs as well as many other items.

The Zenobia is surrounded by a variety of marine life both in and around the wreck and attracts thousands of divers from around the world each year.  It is certainly worth adding to your bucket list.

Watch the following video for a glimpse of what diving the Zenobia wreck is like.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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