Scuba Diving During COVID and What To Expect

Scuba Divig and Coronavirus

Cayman Compass gives us a glimpse of what scuba diving will look like in the near term as scuba diving operations get restarted again in the Cayman Islands.

It goes without saying hat there will be quite a few changes in the form of rules and regulations to keep us safe while out diving.

Most of the required changes involve active & heightened sanitization of all devices and objects brought aboard the diving vessel including the divers themselves. This in combination with as much social distancing as possible on the vessel will greatly mitigate the risk of increased exposure to the coronavirus for both divers and crew.

The video below, posted on YouTube by the Cayman Compass, provides a walk-through of what these new coronavirus regulations look like by taking a tour of of Ocean Frontier’s implementation of these safety and sanitation rules.

Watch the following video for a a first-hand look-see at what these new rules and regulations actually look like.

“Post-COVID scuba diving” Posted by Cayman Compass – YouTube

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