Out Of Air Incident & Miscommunication

As we all know, be prepared for the unexpected and overly confident, but things happen.

In the following video clip a diver, Robert Edwards, candidly shares his thoughts and experiences as he runs out of air while diving.

Long story short, he was on vacation doing a wreck dive and for some reason ran short on air. In the following clip Robert explains how he tried to communicate that he was low on air to the dive leader.

I have watch this clip a number of times and I keep coming to the conclusion that this was a case of clear miscommunication.

Although the dive leader seemed to a acknowledge a situation developing, he proceeds to swim faster and further away. It surprises me that he didn’t double back at least once to properly assess what was really happening before darting off.

Granted, Robert tried to remain calm and not be an unnecessary burden to the dive leader and may have mis-signaled that he was ok a few times. As he stated heh thought the dive leader was aware that he was in trouble. Therefore, he may have signaled that he was ok because he was still able to breathe and had some air.

Watch the following video clip to see how this scenario played out.

“out Of Air While Scuba Diving” – YouTube video by The Florida Diver

After watching this video clip it is easy to see how this miscommunication could have lead to a disaster. Although Robert states that this incident is completely his fault, I believe that the dive leader could have been more proactive and buddied up more just as an extra safety precaution.

What are you thoughts, miscommunication right?

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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