Why No Aquariums Have Great White Sharks [Video]

Great white sharks have an unusual peculiarity not found in many species of marine life.

Great White sharks are apex predators that hold a special place in everyone’s consciousness.  We have this opinion that they are fearless, deadly and difficult to combat.  However, as it turns out, they have one peculiar trait that we struggle to understand having to do with survival in captivity.

You see, scientists are having difficulty understanding why, when captured and placed in a static/aquarium environments, great white sharks do not survive at all.  In facet they barley last for only as long as 16 days in captivity.

Logic would have it that once captive they are being catered to in every respect. They are given food, pristine holding tanks and the required medical and nutritional components to thrive.  However, this isn’t the case …. What are we missing about these magnificent creatures?

The following video explains in further detail the efforts put forth to hold great white sharks in captivity.

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