Treasure Diving Spanish Galleons in Florida [video]

Apparently there is gold in those wrecks.  So why not learn about finding sunken treasure and actually treasure dive wrecks of the 1733 fleet of Spanish Galleons.

Take advantage of this opportunity of a lifetime to learn from the experts while diving for sunken treasure in the Florida Keys.  Spend the day with successful and world known treasure divers  as they teach you about finding sunken treasure.

The Sunken Treasure Workshop  will be lead by Captain Carl Fismer “FIZZ”, Bradley Williamson & Marc Littleton Divemaster , having  over 60 years of combined experience.

You will learn about conducting treasure diving expeditions as well as  how to find and recover lost Sunken Treasure.  Your training includes actual hands on underwater classroom session and discussion. You will be SCUBA DIVING or SNORKELING on two wreck sites of a 1733 Spanish Galleon.

Don’t miss this opportunity of a lifetime.  Get more details here on  or you can just go ahead and book your workshop by clicking here.

Watch the reaction of this treasure diver in the following video and just imagine what you reaction would/will be ? 🙂

Image Source: YouTube Clips

Workshops are generally held on the third Saturday of each month. The class sizes are 4-18 people.  Arrangements can be made for large groups.

Get more details here on  or you can just go ahead and book your workshop by clicking here.

See next page below for a video review about the Diving For Sunken Treasure Workshops held by in the Florid Keys .

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  • My teacher has a shop in the keys. He has found alot of coins. Lynn carlson can show you how to do it.

  • My understanding from talking to several divers who did workshops ( might not have been same place ) is that they have no rights to the "treasure" they find.

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