Divers Make Incredible Underwater Discoveries

Underwater Discoveries

There is an estimated 3 million shipwrecks believed to be sitting on the ocean floor. It is easy to see how there are yet billions of dollars worth of gold, silver and other artifacts yet to be be found.

Often times, many discoveries made by divers are made by mistake. That is, they were not in the process of actively looking for treasure. They somehow just happened upon it.

The following clip highlights 8 incredible underwater discoveries made by divers. These discoveries include everything from underwater tomb treasures to relics from previous civilizations. I was pleasantly surprised to hear our friend Mel Fisher featured on discovery #6. Mel is a treasure hunter and one of the only treasure hunters, worldwide, that offers lessons for divers in finding sunken treasures.

Watch the video below for details about how and where these incredible discoveries were made.

“Most Incredible Underwater Discoveries Made By Divers” – YouTube video by World List

Aside from the monetary aspects of finding sunken treasure, there are also also archaeological and cultural aspects to be appreciated.

In the clip below a team of explorers go to Florida in search of some of the ships of the lost Spanish Fleet of 1715. What they discover is something exceptional. It is believed to be worth hundreds of millions in Spanish gold, silver and jewels.

Watch the video below for a first hand look at the discovery of what is believed to be the one of the greatest treasure troves on earth.

“Explorers May Have Found One Of The Ships Of The Lost Spanish Fleet of 1715 | Expedition Unknown”- YouTube video by Discovery UK

Have you found any treasure while out on a dive yet? Yes I did say “yet” because there seems to be enough out there for you to eventually stumble across it.

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Images Source: YouTube Clips1, 2

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