Amazing…Scuba Diving For River Treasures [Video]

As scuba divers, have you ever paused to imaging the wealth of items submerged beneath the surface of our rivers, lakes and seas?

Rivers are the homes of even more fish species than the seas ( in 600 times less water), they feed us as well as provide nutrients to the seas for up to 80% of the world’s fish catch.

However, most folks overlook the fact that there is more in them rivers than just fish.. lol

After watching the following video made by Aquachigger, you will certainly agree that “there is treasure beneath them waters” is a true statement.  In the following video he easily finds 4 iPhones, 2 GoPros a Pentax and so many sunglasses and etc.

Aquachigger makes it look so easy, although he did have a difficult time with the current while retrieving the last iPhone.

See how easily Aquachigger finds river treasures like these in the video below.

Watch a pro, Aquachigger, river treasure hunting in the video below.

Images source: YouTube Clips


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