The Megalodon’s Vast Size Revealed By Computational Analysis

Researchers recently released what is being called the true size of a gigantic megalodon.

To put things in perspective. The megalodon had teeth as long as your hand and a fin that is as tall as you are.

With teeth as big as human hands, it would have had a bite force of more than 10 tons, dwarfing that of a great white shark’s bite force of two tons, researchers said.

Its tail would have been as long as 3.85 meters (12.6 feet) and its fin would have stood at 1.62 meters in length (5.3 feet) — the height of a human adult.

H/T – “Vast size of prehistoric megalodon shark, which had a fin as long as a human, revealed for the first time” –

Comparative Sizes, Adult, Newborn,Juvenile Megs – Source

Researchers at the University of Bristol and Swansea University used the fossil remains of megalodon to construct a mathematical calculation of its size. The result was a computational reconstruction of the proportions and overall size of the Megalodon.

Prior to this analysis we had a general idea of the size of a megalodon. However, this research provides more details about the size of a megalodon at different stages of its life.

This research details:

  • 16-meter adult megalodon with 12 estimated body dimensions
  • 3-meter new born megalodon
  • 8-meter juvenile megalodon

This research also provided a reconstruction of a 16 meter adult megalodon.

The following video clip helps put the size of things in better perspective.

“The Terrifying True Scale of Megalodon Visualized” – YouTube video by RealLifeLore

Read the full article for more details at

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