Sharkbanz For Protection From Sharks

While most of us are not afraid of diving with sharks, a few dollars for peace of mind can be well spent.

Sharkbanz offers a low profile and innovative solution for deterring shark attacks. The videos below put the product to the test

Watch the video below to see how the Sharkbanz Team, in association with Discovery Canada and Sharkdefense Technologies, LLC., conducted a comparative study .

Watch the Sharkbanz being tested in the video below.

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I believe the results speaks for itself. While there can never be a 100% guarantee I am very impressed.


A total of 25 trials were conducted with the treatments (i.e. Sharkbanz and Sharkleash) and control resulting in 2 hr 38 min of soak time exposed to the bull sharks with a total of 1235 approaches and observed behaviors. During the 2 hr 19 min with the treatment, there were zero attacks on the human model. Trials with the control were stopped once the human model was attacked. During the 18 minutes of trials with the control, the human model was attacked approximately every 46 seconds

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In the following video a spear-fisherman tests the Sharkbanz while blue water hunting in close proximity to sharks.

Watch the Sharkbanz in action in the following video.

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Sharkbanz 2 Magnetic Shark Repellent Band ( )

My thoughts…it is low profile ( easy to wear) unlike other shark repellent options on the market. So for the price, I will take my chances and enjoy an added sense of peace.

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