Shark Weeks’ Closest Calls

Watch some of Shark Week’s most scary close calls with sharks throughout its history.

Shark Week was created by Tom Golden at the Discovery Channel in 2010. As you know, it is an ever popular shark based program. It also happens to be the longest running cable TV programming event in history. It is aired annually in July or early August.

Filming the many episodes of shark week involves getting up front and close with all kinds of sharks. Naturally this results in some very intense moments and risky interactions with all sorts of sharks.

This video clip below is a compilation of some of the most intense shark moments in the history of Shark Week.

“The Most Intense Shark Moments” – YouTube video by Discovery Australia

In the following clip Andy Casagrande , a Shark Week cameraman, shares his top 5 best shark moments over the his career.

We often take for granted the forethought and risks required by cameramen to record these very close and dangerous encounters.

Watch Andy in action in the following clip.

“Top 5 Shark Moments with Andy Casagrande” v

After watching these clips I can say that I have a better appreciation for the somewhat invisible and underappreciated camera crew that we rarely see.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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