Shark Food – Proof We Are Not Their Preference

Shark Food - Proof We Are Not Their Preference

The guys, Gus and Woody, at Dive Talk share their views, insights and lessons learned from the “Great White Shark Protects Me” video that went viral. This awesome video proves that we are not a preferred shark food.

If you haven’t seen or heard of the video, it is well worth a few minutes to check it out. It is guaranteed to be a the recording of a once in a life time experience for these divers. You can find the video here in one of our posts if you want to check it out for yourself.

Its amazing to watch these these diver’s reactions to the video in real-time. They share quite a few observations and insights about the video that greatly enriches our understanding of how sharks behave. Who knew that sharks have a social pecking order (as seen in teh clip)? Their reactions are priceless.

One of their main take-aways from the video is the fact that this video illustrates how we are not shark food. Sure, as acknowledged there have been shark attack’s, but they are more uncommon than common given the number of sharks in the ocean and our frequent, although undetected, proximity to them..

Watch the clip below to see their reactions and hear their insightful comments about this amazing video.

“Divers React to guy who claims Great White Shark protected him” – YouTube video by DIVE TALK

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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