Great White Shark Surprises Diver [Videos]

You don’t have to be a daredevil diver to get a real surprise.

A daredevil crosses around a fence to dive off a cliff.

The water looked calm and rather peaceful with the only apparent risk being that of hitting the cliff on the way down or rocks below the surface.

Well watch him dive right into the path of an oncoming great white shark. How unlikely is that?

Images Source: YouTube Clips

Well it  just so happens that one of our followers did a little research on the clip and determined that this particular clip was edited …

Nonetheless, in the following video a diver is just minding his business and gets the surprise of a lifetime.  It’s probably a good thing that he was kneeling on the bottom, which as we know is greatly frowned upon by experienced divers.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

While working on an advanced diver certification , Cody Wabiszewsk, a Florida resident was able to capture and share a 3 minute video of his unexpected great white shark encounter. He was diving off the Florida Keys at about 70 feet when he noticed the 15 foot shark approaching him and his dive group.

Watch the following video to see how this situation played out.

Imaegs Source: YouTube Clips

A great white shark breaches off of Wellfleet Ma  and surprises a group of researchers from the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy.  They had been receiving reports of white shark breaches from fishermen and boaters. Well, they now have a  first hand experience to report themselves, as captured in the video below.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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