Best Videos: Great White Shark – Drone Footage

Best Shark Drone Videos 2020

Awesome drone footage of great white sharks captured in 2020 that must be seen to appreciate.

White sharks are really awesome to watch… especially from a distance. This video collection captures a unique perspective on the activities of great whites along the Southern California coast. This drone footage captures the activity of 4 to 10 ft. long great white sharks as they interact with swimmers and dolphins.

Enjoy the following narrated video of TheMalibu Artist’s favorite drone footage.

“Best Great White Shark Drone Footage of 2020 (Narrated)” – YouTube video by The Malibu Artist

Impressive footage and tastefully done. My favorite clip was of the swimmer’s reaction as he was surprised by the sudden appearance of a great white. Apparently he reacted correctly to the situation.. I a m not sure I would have tho. You?

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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