8 Best Shark Videos Worth Watching Today

Best Shark Videos of 2021

Here is a selection of some of our most popular shark video posts.

Sharks are one of the most feared and thus misunderstood species of marine life known to humankind. A great deal of this fear can be blamed on Hollywood’s depiction of sharks as vicious animals. We must continue to educate ourselves on the natural beauty of sharks and their important place in nature.

The following is a collection of some of our most popular shark posts. So if you missed any of them here they are:

1.) Great white shark escorts a diver to a feeding frenzy. Here a diver jumped into the water with feeding sharks and was being attacked by sharks until a large great white shark appeared. What he does next is just crazy …

2.) In the following clip a beached white shark is used for a selfie photo opp. I wonder what was the final fate of the shark though.

3.) Great white sharks simply can not be held captative in aquariums.

4.) Sharks help keep our seas clean. However, they have been also known to devour the unimaginable too.

5.) This collection of 15 shark encounters keeps it real as far as the possibilities,. however unlikely.

6.) Sharks are terrified of dolphins. and for good reason as you will see in the clip below.

7.) In the following clip we see that even a casual dive with tame sharks at a mall aquarium can frighten a diver out of his skin.

8.) Cage diving is usually thrilling. However in the clip below, these cage divers got way more of a thrill than expected.

Well that’s our latest selection from among our top shark video posts. Hope you enjoyed them. Stay tuned for more and please share any of your favorite shark videos with us in the comments below.

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