Shark Attack Survival Tips

Shark Attack Tips

A shark fin is steadily and terrifyingly heading straight for you. Do you know what to do?

We have all been trained to be terrified of sharks. Most of our fear come from Hollywood’s portrayal of sharks as viscous predators. Fortunately, we are becoming more educated about sharks. As a result we are beginning to view sharks as the beautiful animals that they are.

We know that sharks don’t really have a taste for humans. However, there are times when we must be prepared to protect ourselves.

Being fearful of sharks or not, there is something terrifying about the sight of a shark fin heading straight for you . Would you known what to do? How to behave?

Understanding how to behave in and around sharks goes a long way towards preventing shark related incidents. Believe it or not , but our tendency to overreact and become utterly full of fear can provoke, what we call, an attack that otherwise would not have happened.

The following video by “How To Survive” explains a few tips about how to prevent as well as survive a shark attack according to science.

Watch this informative video below.

“How To Survive a Shark Attack, According to Science” – YouTube video by How To Survive

It seems like the key element of protection is the ability to not panic and stand your ground as described in our other post about how to “talk shark“… And of-course, get out of the water asap too.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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