Scuba Diving Video Pick: Freediving & Winged Wetsuits

Freediving & Winged Wetsuits

Free diving is awesome with our without a wing suit as you will see in this video clip.

Careful tho… it is actually mesmerizing and you might just be drawn to take up this sport. It looks really peaceful and and mindful.

Freediving , in my opinion, is the ultimate in mind and body control.

“Freediving without Wingsuits – the El Bells Remix” – YouTube video by Daan verhoeven

If you recall on a similar theme, we did a post about freediving in an underwater winged wetsuit … see video below.

“Aqua Lung Oceanwings / The underwater human flight experience” YouTube video by AquaLing DreamLab

The Underwater winged wetsuit is an idea/concept by Aqua Lung Dream Lab. You can get more details about this suit and what inspired it here on our previous post .

Images source: YouTube Clips

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