Scuba Diving and COVID-19 – Information That Every Diver Should Know.

Scuba Diving and COVID-19

Dr Manuela Schoch, diving medicine physician, anesthesiologist, and GUE diver, as she talks about Covid-19 and Scuba Diving.

Dr Schoch talks about what CoVID -19 is and how it is spread. She also talks about what she observes during her practice and methods of protection. Her discussion about COVID-19 and diving is of particular interest to us. Its not often that you hear specific information about scuba diving and COVID-19.

Watch the clip below for specific information about how COVID-19 affects us as divers. Additionally, and very important is her information about getting back to diving after COVID-19 infections.

You will find specific information about how COVID-19 affects divers at abut 7:26 into the video.

Key takeaway – Medical clearance for diving becomes invalid in Europe after a COVID-19 infections without detailed examination. In any case, just see a doctor after COVID-19 and returning to diving.

Watch this very informative video about DOVID-19 and Scuba Diving below.

“” – YouTube video by Global Underwater Explorers

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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