Scuba Diver Piggybacks Tourist To The MS Zenobia [video]

Well, just when you thought you have seen it all in scuba diving craziness….

I came across the following post and video on website covering a scary and unthinkable. Their post describes a  scenario where a scuba diver gives a non-diver tourist a piggyback ride to the MS Zenobia.  Apparently, as pointed out in the post, this occurred back in August of 2017.

After giving it some thought I decided to go ahead and post this as a reminder that even the most trained at safety procedures and under-water responsibility are prone to craziness.  This incident is utterly unbelievable and there is so much wrong with this I wont even begin. …SMFH

Watch how this played out in the video below from the website

Images Source & Video Source:

As quoted from  the article:

“To my non diver friends, even at this shallow 6 metres depth, there is so much that could go wrong. Not only does the ‘passenger’ have no fins, buoyancy device, weights or exposure suit, she has no cylinder! She is breathing off the guides’ cylinder and yellow emergency mouthpiece.”

Read the entire article for more details here on

I have seen and read about many stupid tings in diving before, but this? Never though of anything like this even being a possibility ….. Have you ever witnessed anything like this?

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