Panicking Divers and How To Deal With Underwater Panic

Scuba Diver Panic Attacks

Panic is one of those things that only experience and practice can prevent.

Panic is a common cause of underwater drowning. In fact, it is said that over 60% of drownings are caused by panic.

Panic is caused by stress hormones that cause our fight or flight mechanisms to kick in. Panic attacks can occur within seconds of a person feeling threatened or in a life threatening situation.

“Panic Diver” – YouTube video by Selcuk Ust

When panic attacks occur they increase our breathing, heart rate and a shutdown of unnecessary human functions that are not necessary for reacting to the threat. Unfortunately, this includes our reasoning ability. As a result, everything is done strictly by reflexes.

“Scuba Diver Panic” – YouTube video by HotFacts

Panic attacks that occur underwater are more dangerous by orders of magnitude over panic attacks that occur above the surface. During an underwater panic attack many divers’ reasoning ability is compromised. This can lead to reactions such as removing their regulators and/or masks as well as just making a beeline for the surface. All of which is a big NO-NO.

The following video explains how panic occur with divers and how to handle it.

“What When a Dive Goes Wrong? Dealing with Panic Underwater”- YouTube video by Pink Minds Media

Remain prepared and practiced up for the potentially unexpected.

Deaths from panic attacks are more common than we think among divers . In a second you can change everything ..

H/T YouTube- HotFacts

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