Diver’s Communication Torch (DCT) – A NEW Dive Light That Doubles as a Noisemaker

Moray Diver's Communication Torch

The DCT novel design combines the functionality of a diver’s light/torch and noisemaker as a single piece of gear. The DCT is a perfect compliment to any dive set.

The Moray Diver’s Communication Torch (DCT) is a rugged military grade underwater torchlight and diver’s communication device for divers.

With the DCT you get a powerful dive light that’s depth rated to 500 feet. What’s more, is that it has a diver’s noisemaker integrated into it. It is made of a rugged ABS casing. Just shake the light and you have a handy and effective attention grabber.

ScubaLab testers put this novel diver’s torch light to the test underwater. True to its claim, the noisemaker was proven to be audible from a distance of 100ft.

The DCT has an eight-hour burn time at full power. It also comes with batteries and a lanyard that makes it extra convenient for ease of use.

Its novel design and functionality makes this dive light something truly new on the dive scene. It is the perfect compliment to any scuba set as a primary or even secondary dive light and/or underwater noisemaker.

The Moray Dive light is available here via Moray Dive Dive Gear at MorayDiveLights.com

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