6 Questions To Assess Diver Safety

Naturally the allure of the ocean appeals to the adventurous nature in all of us and that is a good thing.

Yes, the ocean is quite alluring in many respects.  However, it can be rather unforgiving under certain circumstances, especially for us divers.  No organization knows this better than the Coast Guard as they are frequently called to assist when divers are lost or in peril.  In Fact, over the last 4 years the US Coast Guard was called in to assist in 63 fatal dive accidents and 55 diving related injuries.

The Coast Guard, as part of a larger committee, examined the causes of dive injuries and casualties to examine the causes of these incidents.   As a result of their efforts they came up with the following list of questions designed to help divers assess their risk level.

1. Is your training adequate for the current and predicted conditions? Will you respect the limitations created by the conditions and stop diving when conditions change or exceed your personal limits?
2. Are you prepared to abandon your weights, inflate your buoyancy compensator and signal for help when in distress?

3. Is your physical fitness adequate for the current and predicted conditions? Have you checked with your primary doctor to ensure that you are in good enough health for intense physical exertion?

4. Are you diving with a buddy? Have you reviewed each other’s abilities, equipment and plans?
5. Do you feel completely comfortable making this dive?

6. Do you plan to enter overhead environments? If so, do you have the proper training and equipment, and are you familiar with the necessary procedures?

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