100+ Hand Signals For Scuba divers

Hand Signals For Scuba Divers

It goes without saying that communication is one of, if not, the most important safety skills to master as a diver.

Hand signals are one of the primary methods of communicating during a dive. It is a skill to acquire and maintain. Although most of us don’t dive every day, we need to frequently refresh these hand signals in our memories.

Once you have a grasp on hand signaling it is important to remember that communication is a 2 -way process. Like any form of communication, your message is only as good as the receiver’s ability to understand it. Therefore, try to have an idea of how proficient your dive buddie’s hand signaling & communication skills are before beginning your dive.

In the following video a dive instructor illustrates 107 hand signals that he has collected from divers all over the world.

How many of the hand signals in the video below are part of your repertoire?

“107 Hand signals for scuba divers” – YouTube video by Dive Center Daily Life

So how many did you know? Were there any forgotten signals that you know of?

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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