Scuba Diver Trapped In Hurricane [Video]

Scuba diving during a hurricane isn’t exactly the smartest thing to do.

A scuba diver trapped off Palm Beach in Florida was rescued from the waters off Palm Beach during Hurricane Irma, a category 4 hurricane. He was apparently rescued by two resident onlookers.

The diver washed up near a condo complex .. they tried to drag him put but he was too weak. The diver was taken to an area shelter and was reported to be in god condition  by area firefighters.

Subsequent to this post going live… One of our Facebook followers, Brett Butterfield , pointed out that the diver “was on his boat and decided it was not safe to stay there. So he put on his scuba gear and left the boat and swam to shore. I would say that is pretty damn smart to make it to shore alive.”

Brett also provided a link to the following article with more details…

Alva said he did not get the diver’s name but learned from speaking to him that the diver had sailed from Marathon in the Florida Keys aboard a cruiser to escape the strongest winds of Irma. The diver said he had set anchor in West Palm Beach, where he planned to ride out the storm aboard the vessel, but lost his anchor line when it was hit by another boat that had broken free its mooring, Alva said

The man traveled in the boat up the Lake Worth Inlet and tied a line to a channel marker. However, rough seas caused to fear that his boat would capsize, so he put on scuba gear and tried to swim to edge of the Intracoastal.

“Because the water was so rough, it was very hard for him to swim,” Alva said. “When he got over the edge, there was a sea wall there. Even at high tide the seawall was probably three feet higher than the water level, so he couldn’t get out of the water.”

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Watch how this played out in the video below.

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