Deep Blue Is In the News Again (Video)

More newly release video of what is believed to be the biggest shark ever filmed.

Deep Blue Update:

Deep Blue was recently spotted off Hawaii feeding on the corpse of a sperm whale. For three days photographers  captured footage of her as well as other nearby predators looking for an easy snack. What is interesting is that biologists think that Big Blue could be pregnant.

… the pregnancy question in Deep Blue’s latest sighting is further complicated by her voracious appetite, and that her pudgy belly could just be similar to what humans experience after a particularly large meal, not unlike Thanksgiving Dinner. “When they gorge themselves on these whales, they literally get these kind of Buddha bellies,” he said.

But since it’s common for pregnant great whites to forage for food offshore, Nasby Lucas said the “odds are she probably is [pregnant].”

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Video clip about Deep Blue sighting off Hawaii in January 2019

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(* Note the video mentions that Deep Blue weighs about 20k pounds. However, as pointed out by one of our Facebook followers, the largest great whites weigh just under 5k lbs)

Deep Blue is a 20 ft female great white shark. She is so huge she dwarfs the nearby diver and she is also believed to believed to be pregnant. Little is known about female sharks because they are rarely seen according to Chris Lowe, a California shark researcher.

It is noted how unique markings help identify sharks and that divers should not get out of a shark cage to hi-five any shark as a researcher does in the following video.

Watch the coverage of this amazing newly released video clip below.

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