24 Hour Underwater Dive of The St. Lawrence River [video]

Diver and filmmaker Nathalie Lasselin dives a 70km underwater journey to bring attention to water pollution.

Her dive takes her from Montreal’s West Island and ends in Repentigny Quebec.  That is a 24 hour, 70km  journey that crosses eight bridges and two tunnels.

The dive actually took a little over 30 hours. It was planned planned to take between 28 and 30 hours of underwater diving.  Nathalie is a Women Divers Hall of fame inductee and a fellow in the Royal Canadian geographical Society.

It goes without saying that her trek requires more than just a wetsuit and standard scuba gear.

Her extensive list of equipment includes an underwater breather, multiple oxygen tanks, a diving propulsion vehicle, lights, and a communications system to help her talk to people on the surface.

That system is vital in case of emergency, she said. It will also help her restock essential equipment without having to go to the surface of the water.

“I’m going to have some divers all going to reach me underwater to switch equipment, to bring me some food, some liquids,” she said.

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Watch the following video for more insights about what was involved in this amazing dive. ( use English translation subtitles)

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Read more here on cbc.ca and dailyhive.com


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