Scuba Diving Inner Space With Astronauts [video]

The role of divers  is key component in prepping astronauts for space travel.

Jonathan Bird gets to dive the NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy lab (NBL)in Houston Tx.  Believe it or not, but the facility features a 40 ft deep football field sized pool that contains a full sized exact replica of the International Space Station.

The NBL was designed to train astronauts how to perform their duties/ space-walks in a weightless environment.  The weightlessness of space is simulated underwater by properly weighting the trainees to a neutral buoyancy. With the assistance of support divers, 4 per astronaut, the astronaut trainees are put through the paces. Great care is taken in order to assure that these astronauts are well prepared for any eventuality they may experience during a spacewalk.

Watch Jonathan diving this amazing facility in the video below.

Updated 9/28/2020:

Johnson Space Center’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab, astronauts train for spacewalks.

Below is a video interview  and demo of a new generation of spacesuits spacesuits being designed for the next mission to the moon.

Astronauts Drew Feustel and Don Pettit answer questions live while evaluating our #Artemis-generation spacesuit in the facility.


Images Source: YouTube Clips, Facebook Live

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