Scuba Diving Becomes Sewer Diving [Video]

Well, as it goes scuba skills are useful for more than pleasurable exploration.

In the video referenced below you will meet a man, Carlos, who left his desk job as an accountant to take up diving in the public  sector.  That is right, he came across the opportunity to dive for the City of Mexico’s sewer department to keep the “stuff” (LOL) flowing.

Apparently there are many instances where sewer blockages need human intervention to keep the system flowing.  So at age 45 Carlos took the task on. He enjoys his new job , but is well aware that sewer diving is a dirty job that can be very dangerous because of the extreme contamination and the possibility of a wet-suit puncture.

Watch the following video to get a sense of what this type of job entails.


Images Source: YouTubeClips

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