Monaco Grand Prix & Scuba Divers

Monaco Grand Prix & Scuba Divers

Did you know that the Monaco Grand Prix hires Scuba Divers? Well they sure do.

The Automobile Club De Monaco takes safety very seriously. With 676 well trained race marshals that are trained extensively for their events and a team of scuba divers they are very safety conscious.

As it turns out scuba divers play an important safety role for Monaco’s Grand Prix. Apparently there is a single hair-pin turn, Porter’s Turn, that had a high likelihood of resulting in drivers ending up in the harbor.

Several divers were deployed and in the water to protect drivers in the past. Fortunately though, the turn has been secured and there hasn’t been any such incident since 1965. However, the authorities still hires scuba divers to protect, or should I say, enhance the safety of spectators.

Watch this following clip for more details about the safety roles of Monaco Grand Prix Scuba Divers.

“” – YouTube video by Matt Amys

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