Master Diver vs. Dive Master

Master Diver vs. Dive Master

The two terms, Master Diver and Dive Master, sound very similar, but they are quite different.

The progression of certifications along the path to the to Rescue Diver is: Open Water, Advanced Open Water then Rescue Diving. Once you have achieved the level of Rescue Diving you can consider progressing on to Dive master or Master Diver.

Master scuba divers is the highest level an amateur scuba diver can hold. Note, the “amateur” designation has to do with the fact that Master divers, unlike Dive masters are not diving as a profession.

The following YouTube video by “Divers Ready” does a great job at explaining the requirements and differences between these two designations and also presents a third option for those progressing from the Rescue Diver designation.

Watch the video below …

“Master Scuba Diver Vs Dive Master… Which Should You Choose?” – YouTube video by Divers Ready

Is Technical Diving certification something you are considering?

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