Freak Accidents – Underwater Mishaps

Freak Accidents - Underwater Mishaps

In spite of all precautions and safety preparations somehow freak accidents sneak in.

We came across this clip that is a compilation of three freaky accidents. All of them have tragic endings.

A study of these occurrences reveals a combination of mechanical failures and human error as the underlying cause. However, the last scenario presented in the clip below involves a freaky coincidence that becomes the catalyst for a very tragic ending.

All of these tragedies seemed to result from the cascading effect of small mishaps and unusual circumstances.

Watch the entire clip below. I am sure you will be shocked at how these scenarios that were seemingly simple and harmless resulted in freak accidents and tragedy.

“Something TERRIFYING Discovered On Submarine | Diving Gone Wrong Part 4” – YouTube video by Scary Interesting

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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