Regulator Hose Blowout at 85 Ft.

A regulator hose blowout is a nightmare situation for any diver.

In the following video clip Randy Shepard, a diver with 20 yrs of diving under his belt, shares how he handled this very scenario. His regulator fails catastrophically at 85 feet due to a regulator hose blowout, rapidly depleting all of his air-supply.

It goes without saying that preparedness and training is key in these situations. Proper training and knowledge allows you to calmly and quickly evaluate and execute the best options/alternatives on the table as they occur on the fly.

The expectation, with proper training, is that you will be able to execute emergency tactics with ease. That is, reacting to emergency scenarios should come as second nature reflexes if you should find yourself in a pinch.

In the video clip below, Randy Shepard captured and shares hiss hose blowout experience. This video stands because he put in captions describing his thoughts as he dealt with this situation in real-time.

As he explains it, under normal circumstances he would have done his 6 minute safety stop, but without air and there were not many options on the table… his main concern was the possibility of over expanding his lungs during the ascent.

Watch this short video clip below.

“Emergency Ascent From 85 ft.” – YouTube video by Randy Shepard Diving

Images Source: YouTube Clips

Have you ever experienced any situations similar to this? How did you handle it?

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