Diver Lost at Sea for 16 Hours

Stranded Diver - Trinidad

Once again we are told of a diver that was lost or should I say left behind by his dive boat off the coast of Trinidad.

Christopher Bugros, a scuba-diving spear-fisherman, got separated from his fellow divers while diving in the Atlantic off of the northern coast of Trinidad.

Somehow the combination of a large 350lb. bull shark passing near them and strong undercurrents led to his separation from his diving party. Christopher eventually surfaced about a hundred feet from the dive boat while his two other dive companions were able to get back to the boat.

Once again, he was unable to attract their attention and he watched them leave again. His only choice at this point was to attempt to swim back to shore.

Fortunately for him he was able to swim back 44 miles, arriving about 25 miles from the dive-site in Toco. He used a bit of ingenuity to fashion a snorkel from his regulator hose. This allowed him to rest his neck for a it during his long swim back.

In an attempt to swim back to land the diver, who had already discarded his weights, cut up his wetsuit to use with his empty cylinder to keep him buoyant, though he later ditched the tank as it was making it too difficult to swim.

He fashioned a makeshift snorkel from his regulator hose so that he could rest his neck for periods of time, and kept his speargun in case of shark attack. He was also drinking seawater periodically in an attempt to stay hydrated.

s night fell he continued his efforts, hoping to catch onshore currents and aiming for the light he could see from the Keshorn Walcott Lighthouse on Trinidad’s north-eastern tip.

He finally made it to shore on La Foret beach near Toco, some 25 miles from the dive-site, and slept on a pile of logs, too tired to move. As the sun came up he woke and managed to reach the home of a logger, who called the emergency services.

Read more at divernet.com

Watch the following video where Chris explained how he became lost at sea and made his way back. ( its a long video, but worth the watch starting at about 2 minutes in)


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  • Lol. Poor bugger. Sam's Tours, Palau left the whole dive group including guide for 4 hrs South of Peleliu!

  • The surface marker buoy is the most important. I was diving off the coast of Washington State and the boat could not find us. The SMB was spotted by another boat and we were picked up finally. Carry that SMB. I also carry a Nautilus Lifeline just in case.

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