Coast Guard Rescues Scuba Divers Lost At Sea [video]

Lost Scuba Divers Rescued at Sea

It is hard to believe that it is possible to become lost at sea while scuba diving. However, it happens more often than one would think.

Two divers were recently lost at sea when they got separated from their dive boat in the Gulf of Mexico. Over 1700 nautical miles were searched by the Coast Guard before they were found. They were missing out in the Gulf of Mexico for an entire day.

They were diving near the RJ Thompson Wreck and got separated from their dive boat when they surfaced a distance from the boat. They surfaced too far away to reach the dive boat, but they could see it.  These are recreational divers with about 10 years of diving under their belts and they got separated from their boat. Fortunately they had orange SMBs which was key to their rescue as describe d by their rescuers. Both divers were found 15 hours apart in full dive gear about 12 miles from  each other.

Watch the following video details their rescue.

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