Jet Ski Scuba Diving

Ever consider jet ski scuba diving?

If you like to jet ski and also have a passion for scuba diving consider jet ski scuba diving. That is right, consider diving from your jet ski.

Diving from a jet ski offers an affordable alternative for divers interested in the advantages of diving from your own personal watercraft. Diving from a jet ski is somewhat similar in terms of preparation and entry techniques as diving from a kayak.

Like kayak diving, jet ski diving requires a bit of unconventional preparation. In other words, proper preparation for diving from these types small watercraft requires a bit of ingenuity and thinking out side of the box. I say this because there are requirements for storing and transporting scuba gear that may require modification to these watercraft by their owners.

Diving from a jet ski seems to be a trend that is taking off. Many are already doing it.

Watch the following clips to get an understanding of what is involved with diving from a jet ski.

“Her First Time Diving From A SeaDoo!!” – YouTube video by Adam Swords

How to scuba dive from a SeaDoo Fish Pro

“How I go Scuba Diving from my Sea Doo Fish Pro – It almost went terribly wrong!!!!” – YouTube video by Get Busy Living

Hopefully that video gave you a good idea of what is involved with setting up a jet ski for scuba diving. The following videos lend more insights. Watch to see some of the various configurations/set-ups that divers are using.

Take a glimpse at a bit of lobster diving from a Seadoo Fishpro in the following clip.

“Seadoo Fishpro 2021 Scuba Diving” – YouTube video by Klan the Kiwi Kid

So, now that you are interested in giving jet ski diving a try, what is involved? What needs to be considered to dive from a jet ski?

Jetskiscuba says in a blog post that all you need is your own scuba gear a PWC (personal water craft) and a Dive Cage t o hold the gear.

The secret for how to set up a jet ski for SCUBA Diving. Since PWC are not really engineered to carry the scuba gear, instead of fighting physics to strap the gear to the ski, we recommend building a dive cage that can easily be secured to the ski, and securing the gear into the dive cage. The dive cage is a versatile tool. We have used it for: fishing, trolling, spear fishing, camping, long trips, shade, and sand bar parties! We can customize it to hold fishing rods, spear guns, large or small coolers, extra fuel, beach umbrella, and even camping gear for remote island experiences!

H/T – Jetskiscuba blog

Read more details about diving from a jet ski including a few tips for making a dive cage for trasporting your gear, read the following post by Makesumwake on

Jet Ski Dive Cage
Jet Ski Dive Cage – Source: forum

Images Source: YouTube CLips 1, 2, 3

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