Underwater Art Museum In Florida [video]

“JYC’s Dream” by Kevin Reilly / Photo: Spring Run Media

The North America’s first permanent underwater art museum is now opened to the public.

After over two years of planning, the Underwater Museum of Art ( UMA) is finally opened.  Its purpose is to create a marine habitat for marine life as well as to provide a creative, economic and educational outlet for visitors and residents.

“JYC’s Dream” by Kevin Reilly / Photo: Spring Run Media

The first seven sculptures were lowered into place 58ft below the surface on 6/25/2018 as listed below.

  • “Propeller in Motion” by Marek Anthony
  • “Self-Portrait” by Justin Gaffrey
  • “The Grayt Pineapple” by Rachel Herring
  • “JYC’s Dream” by Kevin Reilly
  • “SWARA Skull” by Vince Tatum
  • “Concrete Rope Reef Spheres” by Evelyn Tickle
  • “Anamorphous Octopus” by Allison Wickey

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Images Source: YouTube Clips

The UMA is located .7 miles off the coast of Grayton Beach State Park. Admission is free, but there is and admission fee to Grayton park.

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