Scuba Diving Mangrove Forests [video]

Mangroves are typically overlooked as scuba diving destinations. However, they offer a uniquely awesome diving experience to be had.

Mangroves forests are nests of trees that are suspended above water by a web-like structure of roots.  Mangroves offer shelter and protection for vast varieties of marine life.  They are typically located in tropical  inter-tidal zones around the world.

Mangroves are considered among the most important habitats in tropical regions.  Serving as nurseries for many species of marine life that eventually mature and migrate to live and in and among coral reefs.

The Indo-Pacific, having more than 80% of the species of mangroves,  is home for about 70 species of mangroves. Whereas, the Americas are home to about 12 species of mangroves.

Mangroves are believed to have originated in South east Asia and spread throughout the world by seeds that can travel for extensive periods of time in ocean currents before they eventually are able to put down roots in distant locations.

Often overlooked as diving an snorkeling destinations, mangroves offers a uniquely varied diving experience. The best mangrove diving can be found in the Indo-Pacific in places like Raja Ampat.

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Watch the following video preview of diving Yenbramuk Reef Mangrove Forest, Raja Ampat

Images Source: YouTube Clips


Watch the following video for a preview of the types of experiences available for mangrove diving at Citrus Ridge in Raja-Amapt

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The following video is a great preview of what scuba diving under red mangroves in Mexico offers for divers…

Images Source: YouTube Clips


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